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Proclamation, Lighting and Community Flag Request Form

Throughout the year, Northumberland County commemorates a number of significant dates and events to raise awareness of important cultural celebrations, historic events, and charitable or public awareness initiatives in our community. To learn more about how the County recognizes these commemorative observances, visit our Commemorative Dates and Observances page. Commemorative dates may be recognized with special requests, including:

  • Proclamations to County Council
  • Raising a flag on the County's community flagpole, located at County Headquarters in Cobourg
  • Coloured light displays at County Headquarters

Submit the application below to request a proclamation to County Council, coloured light display at County Headquarters and/or flag raising on the County's community flagpole in recognition of a commemorative date. 

Please note submissions must comply with the Northumberland County 'Commemorative Observances, Proclamations and Flags Policy'.

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