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Stopping the COVID-19 Infodemic

With support from the Canadian Department of Heritage and the Digital Citizen Contribution Program, Northumberland County is offering free online learning sessions on the topic of "Stopping the COVID-19 Infodemic".

The purpose of this session is to demonstrate how you can help to halt the spread of misinformation in the current COVID-10 "infodemic". The course will focus on:

  • fact-checking COVID-19 information
  • confirming what authoritative health sites say
  • reading beyond the headline

To register for this course, please complete the information below.

Pre-Session Assessment

In an effort to evaluate the effectiveness of these sessions, we would like to ask you to rate your understanding of the coronavirus with 5 statements prior to attending the session and 5 questions after you have completed the session. This information will be used to focus or improve on later digital literacy sessions.

Your participation is appreciated.