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Staying Safe on the Internet

With support from the Canadian Department of Heritage and the Digital Citizen Contribution Program, Northumberland County is offering free online learning sessions on the topic of "Staying Safe on the Internet".

Through this session, participants will learn to identify and defend against  common internet-based cyber threats—such as computer viruses, malware and phishing attacks delivered through fake emails and fake websites—using a variety of tools and techniques. The course will focus on:

  • Identifying spoofed (fake) emails
  • Identifying fake websites
  • How to ensure secure website login
  • Using antivirus tools
  • Device-specific security

These sessions are now complete. A video will be placed on the site shortly.

Thank you for your interest in this program.

Pre-Session Assessment

In an effort to evaluate the effectiveness of these sessions, we would like to ask you to rate your understanding of technology security on 5 statements prior to attending the session and 5 questions after you have completed the session. This information will be used to focus or improve on later digital literacy sessions.

Your participation is appreciated.