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The goal of Northumberland County's Forest Conservation By-Law (By-Law 2015-27) is to promote Good Forestry Practices and the maintenance of woodlands.

By-Law 2015-27 affects woodlands that are 1 hectare or larger in total area, which may span more than just one property. The by-law does not restrict a landowner that wants to selectively cut trees for personal use (ex. firewood, milling, fenceposts). Personal use means that the wood cannot be sold, given away or exchanged and this exemption does not allow cutting that reduces the number of trees below the by-law's definition of a woodland. Clearing of woodland is not permitted under this exemption. For woodland cutting other than for personal use, please fill out and submit Schedule A.

For woodland clearing (By-Law Relief), please fill out and submit Schedule B. Please allow a minimum of 4 weeks for processing of a Relief Permit. Permits for clearing 4 hectares or more will require Council approval. At the County's discretion, some permits under 4 hectares may also require Council approval.


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Acceptance of your permit is in no way approval or confirmation of your request.